An Ugly Baby in a Sexy Dress

by Brian Howe

I was such an ugly baby put up in a pedestal

high enough so you could look up their dress.


A: “It’s easier to get your baby back from a Rottweiler


Your prom dress is ugly

maybe if it were like a baby doll dress

It’s great when you wanna be sexy yet not have your

Archive of the world’s ugliest Bride’s Maids

skirts and tiny tops while the other is wearing

a regular, slightly sexy dress

It is obscured by trees making for an ugly picture

I have had babies, and of course you get the bulge

but just stop acting all sexy and everything

thin dresses with no bumps, lumps or ugly panty lines

the biggest boobs in the world and Rupert is ugly period

Sexy Witch, Show Girl, Snow Queen

What a goddamned sexy pose

Who wants an ugly girl, so sweet and very sexy?

Who wants an ugly – girl

my mind Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Ba-

Baby Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Ba-Baby Damn …

She told her mother “this is the ugliest dress I’ve …

though I liked the fuchsia color, fuchsia, baby blue and …

damnit, and prefer to look a little sexy, thank you …

How A Man Should Dress To Pick Up Women

(Baby sex Prediction)

Those new baby blue sneakers

may look cool on the shelf

It is plain ugly

she thought it was elegant

(Predict baby sex instantly online)

Would I want to see my baby that sexy

now it’s hard to believe he was an ugly baby

Go to the Videotape

(Proven baby sex prediction method)

Let your daughter wear this?

With the guy wrapped in a white towel holding the baby

the less it matters that they’re sort of ugly

Come here baby, yeah U sexy motherfucker